Agentur Magnolia · Nicola Pehle (Lefèvrestraße 17, 12161 Berlin, phone: +49 (0) 30. 285 082 07, Email: is responsible for data processing.

Short version

When you visit our website, our web server processes your IP address, so that it can deliver the content to you. However, we only store your IP address in anonymised form.

If you contact us or send us one of the enquiry forms we will process the data you provide.

Long version

What data is processed and why, and how long is it stored?

If you contact us by e-mail, telephone or via one of the enquiry forms your enquiry, including the personal data you provide us with, will be stored and processed by us so we can deal with your enquiry.

If your enquiry is related to the fulfilment of a contract or in order to take steps prior to entering into a contract, we process the data in accordance with Article 6 (1b) GDPR. In all other cases, processing is based on our legitimate interest in the processing of the enquiries addressed to us (Article 6 (1f) GDPR) or on your consent (Article 6 (1a) GDPR) if this has been requested; consent can be withdrawn at any time.

We will keep the data you send to us via contact enquiries until you ask us to erase it, revoke your consent to its storage or the purpose for data storage no longer applies. Mandatory statutory provisions – in particular statutory retention periods – remain unaffected.

When you access our website, you establish a connection to a web server operated on our behalf. The IP address of your device is transmitted to the web server and processed there. This is technically necessary so that the server can transmit the content of the website to you. It is in our legitimate interest to deliver our website to you (especially because you have requested it) and therefore the processing of your IP address is allowed under Article 6 (1f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Log files

In addition to your IP address your device might transmit further data to the web server, that can be stored in log files. This includes the address of the requested content and may also include:

The following data is also logged:

We cannot generally identify who is behind a page request from this data.

The web server is configured to save IP addresses only in masked form in the log files: for IPv4 addresses the last 8 bits are set to 0 (example: →, for IPv6 addresses only the first 32 Bit (example: 12:34:56:78:90:ab:cd:ef → 12:34:0:0:0:0:0:0). This ensures it is effectively impossible to identify a particular visitor by their IP address in the log files.

Web analytics

We want to know how our site is used and which pages are of most interest – but we don’t need to know who your are exactly (unless you want to contact us). In order to do that we are using a web analytics programme called Umami. It does not use cookies, it only uses your IP address in a masked form. We are generally not able to connect this information to any one individual.

If you don’t want us to track your visit to our site, you can enable the Do-Not-Track setting, which you can find in your browser’s settings.

Third party services used on our website

We use third party services to show videos on our website (currently only and 

As soon as you access one of the video pages of one of your actors a connection to one of the third party video services will be established. Your browser lets the service’s server know which page you accessed on our site and your IP address is also transmitted. The service might save cookies on your device, which will remain on your device until you delete them or by expiring on the date the service has set. There might be further data processing once you start a video that is beyond our control. We use these third party video services to enhance our website. This is in accordance with Article 6 (1f) GDPR.

You can find more information on the service’s privacy policies in their respective privacy policies which we have linked to in the list of services above.

Is my data shared with third parties?

We don’t run the web server ourselves. Our hosting provider does that on our behalf and acts as the processor. Apart from the third party video services we do not share any information we obtain from your visit with third parties.

Is my data processed outside of the European Union?

No, we only process your data within the European Union.

But we cannot influence which way your data takes from your device to the server.

Your rights

You have the right to request a copy of your information, to ask us to correct information that is wrong, to delete it or to request we only use it for certain purposes. You can also ask us to stop using your information.

Data protection officer

We are not legally required to appoint a data protection officer. If you have any questions or want to exercise your rights, please get in touch at the address noted above.

Your right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

You can lodge a complaint with any supervisory authority. We are regulated by the Berliner Beauftragten für Daten­schutz und Informations­freiheit (Friedrichstr. 219, 10969 Berlin, phone: 030 13889-0, Email:

Last changed: 07.03.2024